Scenic Drives

Driving across Navajo Bridge

There are two roads at the South Rim and one on the North Rim that offer excellent scenic drives.

Hermit Road closely follows the rim west of Grand Canyon Village past several spectacular viewpoints. Access is by free shuttle bus most of the year. The Hermit Shuttle stops at all of the major viewpoints on the outbound trip, so you can get off at any viewpoint, spend as long as you like, and catch the next shuttle. You can also walk the Rim Trail between viewpoints.

Desert View Drive runs along the rim east of Grand Canyon Village and passes several viewpoints with a great variety of views of the eastern Grand Canyon. There is no shuttle service.

On the North Rim, Cape Royal Road winds through the beautiful alpine forest on the Kaibab Plateau passing several viewpoints before ending at one of the finest viewpoints on either rim of the Grand Canyon.

Hermit Road

Desert View Drive

Cape Royal Road