Grand Canyon Water Pipeline to be Rebuilt

Grand Canyon waterline -NPS

Today, the National Park Service finalized a plan to provide a reliable water delivery system, improve water quality, and meet water supply needs at the South Rim and in the Cross Canyon Corridor in Grand Canyon National Park.

"The pipeline plays a critical role in supporting park operations and supplies all potable water to the park's South Rim and Cross Canyon Corridor," said Kristine Provenzano, National Park Service manager for the project. Water transported by the pipeline supports more than 6 million annual visitors and approximately 2,500 year-round residents.


North Rim Opens May 15, 2019

The gate at the entrance to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park will open on Wednesday, May 15 at 7:30 a.m. to mark the official opening of the North Rim for the 2019 season. Grand Canyon Lodge and Grand Canyon Trail Rides will also commence their 2019 seasonal operations. Other businesses on the Kaibab Plateau, from Jacob Lake to the park boundary, are expected to be open by May 15.

Snowy Winter at the Canyon

Snow at the Grand Canyon from the International Space Station

A snowier than average winter, so far, has left much of the Colorado Plateau surrounding the Grand Canyon snow covered. This photo taken from the International Space Station on December 28, 2018 shows the eastern half of the Canyon, looking east. The Kaibab Plateau and the North Rim are to the left, and the Coconino Plateau to the right. Much more snow has fallen since then, including one of the coldest storms seen in decades, which left the canyon itself snow-covered nearly to it's bottom at the Colorado River.

Happy100th Birthday, Grand Canyon National Park!

Grand Canyon National Park and Grand Canyon Conservancy invite the public and park partners to join National Park Service staff in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon’s designation as a national park. To celebrate this significant milestone, Grand Canyon National Park will waive entrance fees for visitors coming to the park on February 26.

Grand Canyon National Park has Reopened

Following the enactment of the continuing resolution, staff at Grand Canyon National Park will resume regular operations this week, including opening visitor centers, offering ranger programs, opening permit offices, and collecting fees at entrance stations. Please visit for updated information about the park. Visitors should know that not all park functions, such as ranger programs, will be available immediately.


Grand Canyon National Park Open During Government Shutdown

During the partial shutdown of the federal government due to the lapse of appropriations, national parks will remain as accessible as possible while still following all applicable laws and procedures. Park roads, lookouts, and trails at Grand Canyon National Park will remain accessible to visitors. Visitor services provided by park concessioners and other entities will also remain open and operational, including lodging, restaurants and food service, grocery stores, retail locations, bicycle rental, concessioner provided tours, and park shuttle operations.

North Rim Road Closed for the Winter

Arizona 67 from Jacob Lake to the North Rim is closed for the winter. All facilities at North Rim Village are also closed for the winter.


Cape Royal Road Reopens

Fire vehicle on Cape Royal Road

Fire managers are reporting that the Obi Fire has now consumed nearly all of the fuels located in the containment area on the Walhalla Plateau. Fire behavior was observed as creeping with continued smoke production. The final acreage reported for the fire is 11,532. There have been no injuries to firefighters or public reported at this time which achieves our first and highest goal in wildfire management.

New Closures on the North Rim

Smoke in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park has implemented new temporary closures for public and firefighter safety. These include the Swamp Ridge Road, the North Bass Trail, and the Powell Plateau Trail. Fire Point, the Nankoweap Trail, and the Point Imperial Trail remain closed.

North Rim Road and Trail Closures due to Obi Fire

Obi Fire

Grand Canyon National Park has temporarily closed Cape Royal Road. Included in this closure are Cape Final Trail, Cliff Spring Trail, the northern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Point Imperial to Cape Royal Road, and the southern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Cape Royal Road to the old Bright Angel Trail.

These closures are for public and firefighter safety as crews continue to prep the Walhalla Plateau. The temporary closure is in effect until further notice. The road to Point Imperial and all other North Rim trails and facilities are open at this time.



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